About Our Amazing Peruvian Restaurant

Nothing beats the nice experience you have when having a delectable authentic meal. It offers more than just the incredible taste by giving you a reason to remember that moment that you are seated to enjoy the savory meal. This is exactly what Memories of Peru is committed to offering. We are a Peruvian restaurant in Orlando that offers some rather incredible meals to the customers.

Opened in November of 2016, Memories of Peru is a Peruvian restaurant that offers a wide variety of great meals. We provide various traditional dishes that are prepared by experienced chefs who have got an art for perfection. The dishes are specially made to treat your palate to a wonderful meal, bringing back your childhood memories and the experience of our homeland.

A great meal does not rely only on its taste but on the quality of service and the ambiance as well. Located in Orlando, Florida, just by the Florida Mall, our Peruvian restaurant in Orlando treats you to peaceful and laid back environment for you to have a quality time and enjoy a savory Peruvian dish. We also boast of a team of friendly and experienced personnel who will do everything to see to it that you are accorded amazing services. Dedicated to excellence and passionate about Peruvian traditions, the team will ensure that you get the feeling and air of Peru while at our Peruvian restaurant.

We prepare and serve the best Peruvian cuisine made by chefs with unrivalled experience. Our Pollos a la Brasa which is a Peruvian rotisserie chicken is particularly popular among our customers. It is an authentic meal that has an unforgettable taste.

Family of Memories of Peru Pollos a la Brasa